To say the construction at Austin Peay is not going well might be an understatement...Here are the details from Deadspin:

Austin Peay's Governors Stadium is getting a facelift, but a 40-foot-deep sinkhole in the north endzone has made the process a little more difficult. Workers have been aware of the sinkhole for some time, but in trying to make the area safe and workable, they've had to dig out a considerably larger space than they initially found.

The hole started at only three-to-five feet wide a few weeks ago, but expanded to 50 feet at the widest and nearly just as deep. Weird as it may seem, a sinkhole at Austin Peay is not totally out of the blue. Due to the limestone caves in the area, sinkholes are an anticipated hazard and the construction company actually budgeted for this very occurrence. The campus even has (now safe) sinkholes scattered all over it.