So a 14-year old is competing in the Masters... here is what everyone is saying about his first round...

But the best part of the story comes from Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports:

Hongyu Liu had purchased a Masters tote bag, and early Thursday morning she dutifully filled it with supplies.  There was a small, blue insulated lunch box, which she decided would be good for keeping some juice boxes cold. There were a couple of energy bars, two bananas and a fresh towel, in case it rained. She also was carrying three umbrellas.  This was a mother's care package, a portable support system for Tianlang Guan, who was about to become the youngest Masters participant ever. For Hongyu, the idea her son might duff his first tee shot was not a concern. Everything else was.

Yes you read that correctly... a participant in the Masters had his Mom pack him Juice Boxes and energy bars so he wouldn't forget to eat.  Brilliant.