If you have not watched the San Francisco 49ers... One common theme is the wardrobe of Head Coach Jim Harbaugh. It is the EXACT same every single game... Wal-Mart khaki's, Black 49ers Sweatshirt, and 49ers hat. Well, Jims wife has had enough of if.

From TheBigLead.com : “Dad pants” is the male equivalent to “mom jeans.” At least that’s what Jim Harbaugh’s wife, Sarah Harbaugh will tell you in the above PSA for Dockers. We’ve known for a while that Harbaugh loves his pleated khakis and now he is getting paid to wear Docker’s. So much for wasting $8 a pop to pace up and down the sidelines like a bargain-loving maniac. The only problem is that without dad pants, his daughter no longer recognizes him. Though Sarah’s renewed interest seems worth it