Rusty Hilger has done lost his mind.  In the wake of the OSU article we have now been made aware that former OSU Quarterback Rusty Hilger has a website.  In fact, it is awesome.  Full disclosure though... as a Raiders fan Rusty was always one of my favorites because as you know, the back-up quarterback was ALWAYS my favorite player.

But here is his most recent article about his plan to bring an NFL Franchise to Oklahoma City.  And not just ANY franchise... but my team... The Oakland Raiders.

Here is the plan in a nutshell...

MAPS is funded by a temporary one-cent sales tax first approved by city voters in December 1993. During the first 66 months it was in effect, over $309 million was collected. In addition, the deposited tax revenue earned about $54 million in interest. Currently, Phase 3 of the Oklahoma City MAPS project is underway which began in 2010 and runs through December of 2017. The one-cent sales tax will raise an estimated $777 million to fund the construction.

An Oakland Raiders stadium could be the centerpiece the Oklahoma City MAPS project.

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett, second from left, was joined by council members as he unveiled details of the Maps 3 Plan. From left are Council members Meg Salyer, Mayor Cornett, Skip Kelly, Pete White and Sam Bowman. Photo by Jim Beckel /

Continuing the MAPS 3 tax for another three years would create the necessary revenue for an Oakland Raiders stadium plan.

I want to go on record right now and say... I AM FULLY IN SUPPORT OF THIS PLAN.  Bring the Raiders to Oklahoma.  Ready more on Rusty's website.