Totally NOT sports related... but saw this today in the Orlando Sentinnel.  I think honestly I would want to know so I could get my affairs in order and of course really pressure the Raiders in to winning now... But check out the report from "The Telegraph".  

Would you want to know?___________________________________________

Scientists have developed a so-called "death test" they say can determine if a healthy person is going to die from a medical condition within the next five years, The Telegraph is reporting.

The blood test measures the levels of four biomarkers and from there, the test can determine the patient's "frailty." If the levels of these biomarkers were abnormal, the patient was five times more likely to die within five years, despite his or her health at the time the test was taken.

As part of the research, 17,000 healthy people were given the biomarker test and studied for five years. Of the 684 people who died within the five years of some sort of illness, scientists found that they all had similar levels of the four biomarkers.

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