Deion Sanders Thinks Ben Roethlisberger Will Retire During The Season

Deion Sanders Thinks Ben Roethlisberger Will Retire During The Season

Big Ben Maller reacts to Deion Sanders' bold claim that Ben Roethlisberger won't make it to the end of the NFL season.

Deion Sanders said the following on NFL's GameDay Prime on Sunday Night.

"I'm gonna go on record to say I don't feel like Big Ben will finish the season. I think something mentally, physically, is gonna shut down because what I saw today was a lackluster effort by the offense, defense, coaching staff and he didn't seem engaged. He seemed disinterested. We've all heard the murmurs of Big Ben saying, "I would like to retire." The way they played today, I think that would happen."

Ben Maller is not on board with Sanders' sentiments and thinks he may be a prisoner of the moment considering it's just the first game of the season.

"The arithmetic doesn't add up to Ben Roethlisberger retiring during the season. That is just rampant, reckless speculation. We often talk about not being a prisoner of the moment and trying not to overreact. Deion Sanders decided to throw that out the window based on one mystifying performance by Roethlisberger. To think that is going to inspire him to pull an "Andrew Luck"...which is blasphemy. The argument Sanders made about Roethlisberger could be made about Jameis Winston, Baker Mayfield, and a number of other quarterbacks that didn't perform very well in their season opener."

Hear Ben Maller's full take above.

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