NFL Pundit Predicts Antonio Brown Will Be Cut By Patriots Within Four Weeks

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders

Michael Silver: “People are saying Antonio Brown is the ‘missing piece’ and it’s all good... There is no way it works out in New England... Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are going to draw a significant line in the sand and say ‘Hey, Dude, we don’t do it this way'’… I give this four weeks. We’re talking about a scenario where AB has to ‘flip that switch’, but nothing about how’s he’s acting has suggested to me that he can.” (Full Interview at Bottom of Page).

Listen to NFL insider and former Sports Illustrated columnist Michael Silver explain why he thinks Antonio Brown will be gone from New England within four weeks.

The four-time All-Pro wide receiver had one of the most infamous tenures with a team in sports history, that culminated with the 31-year-old reportedly sabotaging his way off the Oakland Raiders after one of the most bizarre off-seasons ever.

Brown’s signing with New England hours after his release from the Raiders sent shockwaves across the sport, as the reigning Super Bowl champions added one of the game’s biggest stars.

Silver explains to Rich Eisen why he doesn’t think AB is some ‘missing piece’ for New England that just miraculously fell into their laps.

Check out the video below as Silver says this experiment will be over in a month.

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