Dan Patrick Is Cautiously Optimistic The NFL Will Start On Time

Dan Patrick Is Cautiously Optimistic The NFL Will Start On Time

Dan Patrick discusses the NFL owners meeting yesterday and how their plan for the start of the season is starting to take shape. Dan explains why he is cautiously optimistic that the NFL season will start on time but feels like COVID-19 could cause the season to be delayed. Dan goes on to say that the NFL has contingency plans but that they will keep quiet on what those plans are.

Dan Patrick: “I’m cautiously optimistic that they’ll start on time and maybe it’s not a big deal but the Hall of Fame game was cancelled. It’s the week after that that I’m curious about and are we going to start on time. I’ll stand by what I was told and my source is impeccable on this that there are plans in place for the season to start later. Now they’re not going to make that public and somebody’s not appreciating that I’m making it public now, but they have to look at this and say ‘What if?’ They’re not going to say we have contingency plans because the NFL just plows right through, but I just want everybody to understand where we are with the NFL. As much as we think the NFL gets it done, this won’t stop the NFL, it can and it probably will. Now to what extent, I’m not sure and I don’t know if we’re any safer in October than we are in September. I have no idea. All I’m telling you is what I’m told because whenever I bring this up I get people who respond ‘You’re not a doctor.’ And I’m not trying to play one on radio either, I’m only telling you what a source has told me and maintained this information. I was told there are contingency plans to start the season in October.”

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