Bill Belichick & The Patriots Can Still Surprise Us

Bill Belichick & The Patriots Can Still Surprise Us

The New England Patriots sent some shock waves through the NFL landscape yesterday, signing 2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton, formerly of the Panthers. Listen in as Dan Patrick explains how the Patriots can still find ways to surprise us after their decade of sustained success, and why this move makes total sense for Bill Belichick & company!

Dan Patrick:"(The Patriots) have managed the cap better than just about any other team. And they make tough decisions. They have cut good players, traded good players, they always wanna get rid of somebody a year early than a year late. They do find bargains, as well. That's why this decision to sign Cam Newton is not surprising. You get a former MVP, granted 2015 seems like a long time ago. The upside is huge, downside? Basically nothing. A few teams probably woke up today and groaned. It always feels like other teams zig and the Patriots zag. When the Patriots do something, that's when other teams question what they know."

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