Tiger Woods Just Had The Worst Hole Of His Career At The Masters

Tiger Woods' hopes of winning back-to-back Masters came to a crushing end on Sunday (November 15). Woods was sitting at three-under-par as he approached the notoriously tricky 155-yard par-three 12th hole at Augusta National.

He got off to a bad start, hitting the ball in Rae's Creek. He took a penalty drop and hit the ball onto the green. Unfortunately, the ball rolled back off the green and into the water again. For his next shot, he hit it over the green into a bunker. His attempt to get out of the sand ended up in the water, forcing Woods to take another shot from the bunker. He managed to get out of the bunker, and the ball landed on the green. Just when Tiger thought it couldn't get any worse, he missed his first putt. The nightmare hole finally came to an end as Tiger made the second putt.

He finished the hole ten-over par, which is the worst single-hole performance of his career. He dropped from three-under to four-over and moved into a tie for 55th place.

Tiger didn't let the 12th hole bother him and finished the day strong. He birdied five of the last six holes and finished the day one-under-par.

Woods said he misjudged the wind, which had changed direction, on his first shot, and it just spiraled from there.

"I committed to the wrong wind," Woods said. "The wind was off the right for the first two guys, and then when I stepped up there, it switched to howling off the left. I didn't commit to the wind, and I also got ahead of it and pushed it, too, because I thought the wind would come more off the right, and it was off the left, and that just started the problem from there."

"From there, I hit a lot more shots and had a lot more experiences there in Rae's Creek, and then … this is unlike any other sport in which you're so alone out there, and you have to figure it out, and you have to fight, and no one is going to pull you off the bump, and you just have to figure it out.

Photo: Getty Images

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