Aaron Rodgers Reveals What He Did When the Packers Drafted Jordan Love

Dan Patrick asking Aaron Rodgers about the bottles of scotch his linemen gift him for the holidays: “Is that what you were drinking on Draft night, scotch or tequila??”

Aaron Rodgers: “I was drinking tequila, you gotta mix it up a little bit. I like scotch, bourbon, sippin’ tequila that a friend got me on, so it was tequila that night.”

DP: “Did you put more in it when the Packers were on the clock, or after the Packers were off the clock?”

Rodgers: “I would say after probably. But to my credit, I didn’t refill. I started with a strong pour, so I didn’t have to refill.”

DP: “Did you know they were taking him prior to the pick??”

Rodgers: “No, I found out about five seconds before the pick was in.”

Listen to Aaron Rodgers join The Dan Patrick show to discuss where exactly he was and what he was doing when the Packers memorably, shockingly, and perhaps infamously, drafted Utah State quarterback Jordan Love in the first round of this past April’s NFL Draft.

Check out the segment above, as well as the full interview.

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