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My Mock Top 10

1. Cleveland Browns - Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma  Unbelievable, but culture plays a key role.  Bring in a winner if you want to win.

2. New York Giants - Saquon Barkley, Penn State  Not a fan of taking a rb at 2.  You better have a plan for him.  Don't be like Jeff Fisher with Tavon Austin.   

 3. New York Jets  -  Sam Darnold, USC - He could be gone at 2.  Giants should pull the trigger. 

 4. Cleveland Browns -  Bradley Chubb, NC State  Browns will be fielding calls for this pick, but I think they stay and get one of the highest rated guys in the draft. 

5.  TRADE  Buffalo Bills  - Josh Allen, Wyoming  Bills can't sit around and wait.  They have to go get a qb with all the extra assets assembled.  AJ will run the show next year and Josh will come in at some point after the lack of O Line gets AJ hurt. 

6. Indianapolis Colts -  Roquan Smith, Georgia   The Colts have a ton of picks.  Lots of speculation about moving down.  The extra picks give them so much flexibility, so why not take a leader at a position of need?  Colts can really come out of this draft looking great for the future.  Now, if Luck's arm doesn't fall off...

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Derwin James, FSU  Pair him with Justin Evans and you have a dynamic combo.  There will be a learning curve for him, but he will be good in their system.   

8. Chicago Bears - Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame  Plug and play.

9. TRADE Arizona Cardinals  - Josh Rosen, UCLA  THEY CAN'T WAIT 

10. TRADE Green Bay Packers  -  Denzel Ward, Ohio State  Ton of connections to make this happen.  Packers need a cb desperately.  Raiders have needs at LB and DT.  They roll the dice hoping Vita will be there at 14.  Reports last couple of days have Packers looking to move up. 


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