Saints Are Going to Be Fine Without Drew Brees

Saints Are Going to Be Fine Without Drew Brees
Ben Maller: “Can the New Orleans Saints win and keep the good times going with Famous Jameis Winston? I say YES. I think they will be okay here, and I believe they will be alright. The smart money says that the Saints will be able to maintain an upright position, and will not be sucking their thumb in the fetal position without Drew Brees. In order to get a starting job, Jameis Winston HAS to play well. They’re going to be able to stay afloat because of ‘D and R.’ Defense playing bone rattling football, and the RUNNING of Alvin Kamara. The reason I’m so optimistic because the Mr. Softee song will be playing in the background the next four games. Their next four games are Falcons home and road, Broncos in Denver, and at Philadelphia. That is what’s called a SOFT landing.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks the Saints can tread water without Drew Brees long enough to retain their two-game lead in the NFC South over Tampa for the remainder of the season, as Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill will look to save a Saints team who could potentially lose Brees for the rest of the regular season.

Check out the audio above as Maller details why the combination of Winston’s career as a starter being on the line and New Orleans’ soft schedule the next month will allow New Orleans to not miss a beat in the wake of Brees’ broken ribs and punctured lung.

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