Dan Patrick: Don't Be Surprised If NFL Owners Want to Expand to 18 Games

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys

As a ten year NFL collective bargaining agreement seems close to being ratified by Thursday after going through a tumultuous process between the owners and players, Dan Patrick thinks we won't have to wait 10-years for owners to revisit this agreement and possibly up the number of games for an NFL season to 18. Patrick believes the financial ramifications will be a contributing factor:

"I said to a source involved in this process (NFL CBA), 'why ten years?' Because you know that Jerry Jones and the owners are gonna reopen this up for an 18 game schedule. And he said, 'You're right; they will.' Jerry Jones brought this up in the summer when he said, '18 games.' You've got 17, and I do think that once both sides realize how much money is at stake here, I do believe that we don't get through this 10-year deal where you go, 'It's gonna stay at 17 games."

What the full take here: (Time Code: 27:19)

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